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Malabar is located between the Arabian Sea and Western ghats of India, with mesmerising geography and climate! It is actually the northern part of Kerala, Gods Own Country having huge cultural heritage.

More the less, the place is very rich with people and their hospitality!


Culture of Malabar is developed and mixed for decades, that was influenced by rulers and people visited here.

Yakshagana and Theyyam are the major art forms which are the religious rituals that is connected to Malabar!


Malabar is even popular for Tourism, with the tropical climate and geography always attracted the people.

Travellers often visit here to enjoy the Cultural and Traditional heritage of the Malabar!


Malabar is the land of spices, which is used in profusion of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes.

The tantalizing flavours in dishes ranging from Sadyas, Biriyanis, Seafood delights and Culinary dishes of Christian homes are always tempting!

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