Palakkayam Thattu – Adventure Trekking in Misty Hills
Palakkayam Thattu

Palakkayam Thattu – Adventure Trekking in Misty Hills

If you are someone searching for some adventurous activities in Kannur district of Malabar, then we have a trekking spot for you, Palakkayam Thattu.  Palakkayam Thattu is now a popular hill station of Malabar region, near Naduvil Village of Taliparamba.

The Palakkayam Thattu Hill Station is now controlled and undertaken by the tourism department of Kerala, henceforth the popularity of the spot has been increased among the tourists. The hill is located 3500 ft above sea level with collection of flora and fauna.

PalakkayamThattu can be reached from Taliparamba at a road distance of  28 km and 58 km from Kannur city. The nearest towns to the hill are Naduvil and Pulikurumba. The journey through this route to Palakkayam Thattu Hill is unanimously scenic and exciting.

The hill station welcomes you with serne climate and beautiful nature. The DTPC has constructed cafes, toilet facilities, safety measures, benches and other relaxing spots at the hill top.

Once you reach, the hills station bus stop, from Taliparamba or Kannur to Kudiyanmala, you can get down at Mandalam. Climb 3 kms distance from the bottom of hill station or get a jeep till the DTPC You will charge Rs. 350 till Entrance at the top. 

You can even take your private vehicles to the top of the Hill, but it is too risky and you need to be expert rider if you are on two wheeler or four wheeler. The road isn’t complete till top, you’ll find broken roads and mud roads in between.

You’ll then need to pay for entering the Hill of a minimal amount of Rs. 20 for adults and Rs. 5 for children. The mountain will be misty and foggy almost all the time in a day. From the top of this hill you can view almost 30 kms distance.

Palakkayam Thattu
Palakkayam Thattu

Delightful Trekking Spot for Family Outing

Palakkayam Thattu Hill Station is really an exciting and daring trekking spot and family picnic destination as well. There are so many adventure sport activities at its top. Jeep Safari is intend cheap and so cool to reach the top entrance.

Spend some really quality time with your friends and family over the hill! This part of Kannur is filled with strikingly beautiful mountain ranges that belongs to the Tropical Rain Forests of Western Ghats.

Palakkayam Thattu
Adventure Park

Early Morning Sunrise and Evening Sunsets are must see! Best destination for people who love adventure sports.

Don’t forget to try “Zorbing” (Giant Inflatable Ball, where people can enter and roll on a steep). Its just around ₹250 per head, it is undertaken by experts so that you need not worry.

Other Tourist Attractions

Ayyanmada cave
Neermudi Waterfalls
Sucide Point
Streaming water


Opens at 5:00 AM
Closes at 10:00 PM

Things to do

Balloon Rolling
Archery and Shooting
Packages - Rs. 500 and Rs. 250

How to reach

53 km from Kannur
28 km from Taliparamba
Nearest Bus Stops : Karuvanchal or Mandalam or Pulikurumba

Entry Fees

Adults - 20 rs
Children (3-12 years)- 5 rs
Still Camera - 50 rs
Movie Camera - 100 rs

Palakkayam Thattu Images


Since the location is pretty much height from the sea level, you will get the rain first here and the Palakkayam Thattu climate will be always so cool like heaven. There are two coffee shops available in the entrance as well as on the top of the hill, you can buy tea, coffee and snacks to enjoy the weather!

There are not so many resorts in Palakkayam Thattu, but you can get some good hotel and home stays at very much reliable rates. We’ll soon be posting about Palakkayam Thattu Resorts and stays.


Palakkayam Thattu isn’t not a challenging trek, since you can track the trails in between the plantations or you can go through the road till the main entrance by walking or by jeep safari.

Climbing up the hill is pretty easy and short since it is not much steep. But you can get rocky areas that should be covered carefully. The refreshment stalls and adventure sports are the major attractions of the hill. Nevertheless you can definitely, make some daring, cold and sweet moments out of the peak !

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