Kuruvadweep – Adventure Destination for Bamboo Rafting
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Kuruvadweep – Adventure Destination for Bamboo Rafting

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Islands is the group of islands formed over the Kabini River in Wayanad is the perfect Adventure Destination for the tourists who visits for boating. The boating in Kuruvadweep will give you sudden adrenaline rush for sure.

Kuruva Dweep or Kuruva Islands is a collection of 7 Islands on the banks of the Kabini River, and is home for variety of flora and fauna. Kuruva is isolated 950-acre tract with no humans, but so many other species of birds, animals, trees and orchids are inhabited there.

Exploring the Kuruvadweep!

The Kuruva Islands is covered with lush evergreen forests that can be reached from mainland, one can get ferryboat to reach to one Island and then use the Bamboo Rafts for transportation to other Islands. There are rock formations in between the river, and at some points it is much shallow so that you can just walk through.  You can even hop on the rocks to reach other islands while Summer Season. These are some of the interesting characteristics of the Kuruvadweep that attracts tourists here.

There is mud path that leads to the river is covered with tall trees, which is nothing but the Jungle itself.  The bamboo rafting is used as transportation to Kuruva Islands. It is pure adventure and exciting to raft in bamboo rafts.

Rafting in the Kabini river is completely safe and secure! There is huge rope connecting trees of both islands and you will be provided with life jackets as safety measure. The sport is undertaken by the Kerala Tourism Department.

Once you cross the river, you can explore and enjoy walking on the calm Kuruva Island.

During the monsoon season, water level of Kabini River can raise dangerously and Kuruvadweep can go under water, hence the activities will be discontinued without any prior notice. So Kindly avoid visit during June to November.

Kuruvadweep - Best Destination for your Weekend Trip!

Best Time to Visit Kuruva Island

Try to avoid visiting Kuruvadweep during heavy monsoon season. Walking trails can turn muddy, it will be difficult to cross the rough river. We suggest you to choose sometime between Mid-September to March!

Kuruva Island
Kuruva Island

Bath in the pure water

Swimming for tourists are allowed at the tourist zone. But strictly obey the instructions given by the officials.

Ticket Fees

Entrance Fee for Indian citizens: Rs 80
Foreign visitors: Rs 150
Still camera fee: Rs 50
Video camera fee: 100
Boat Fee by DTPC: Rs 10/person
Bamboo Rafts (crossing dweeps): Rs 5/head 30 mins bamboo rafting Rs 300 for 6 persons


Entry is from 9:30 AM to 4:15 PM.
DTPC ticket counter will close by 4.15 pm.
Forest Department Counter will close by 4.30 PM.

The Best Rafting Experience Ever

One of the most renowned Wayanad tourist places, and an ecologists’ delight, Kuruvadweep is a must-see destination for all nature-lovers and families visiting ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.
Srestal Verma
Srestal Verma
Club Mahindra

How to Reach

The nearest airport in the Malabar to reach Kuruva Dweep is Karipur near to Kozhikode (about 120 kms).

The nearest Railway Station is Kozhikode which is 100 kms away from Kuruva Islands.

You can reach directly to  Manathavady or Pulpally by road from Railway Stations and Airports.

There are frequent buses available from Mananthavady which is 15 kms away from Kuruva Islands through Kattikulam, Kurukkan Moola, and Palvelicham.

You can also reach the alternate entrance 10 km away from Pulpally in Pakkam. Kuruvadweep is 40 kms away from the district headquarters, Kalpetta and 58 kms away from Sulthan Bathery.


Parking Fees

Two wheelers: Rs 10
Auto: Rs 30
Four Wheelers: Rs 50
Bus/Mini bus: Rs 80

Kuruva Island Contact Numbers

DTPC Kuruva office: 04936-245180.
DTPC office kalpetta: Ph: 04936 204441
Range Officer - Bathery: Ph: 04936 222443, 04936 203428.


Our Verdict

1 %

Kuruva Dweep in Wayanad is best destination for adventure tourism in Malabar.

Bamboo rafting, Kayaking and Trekking are often started from here.


1 %

The Kuruva Dweep and Kabini River is very much suitable for family outing and weekend picnics.

Relax and enjoy with the nature.



Kuruva Island is one of the favourite destinations for friends trips. Most teens come here to enjoy the cold Kabini River in the Kuruva Forest.

The rafting in the river will be an unforgettable memory for sure!

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