If you ever been to  Malabar area of Kerala then you will become one of the Malabari for rest of your life! Coz nothing can be sweet as the Mabalar and their lifestyle.

Malabar is the better part of northernmost districts of Kerala which is famous for its historical, geographical and social importance. From being the host for the voyagers who made their first step in India, which then changed the timeline of the whole nation.

Why the Malabar Stories?

Being Mabalari, We are bound to a warm society which is exposed to the bestows social and cultural heritage of ages that has a variety of different stories that affected the communal harmony and growth of people out there. Even, many people from other nations, states, and districts are the fans of mouthwatering dishes of here.

Malabar have seen so many people and movements that made the place which you are seeing today. It has a serious religious togetherness which can be seen very act of people. The place is so much renowned for its cultural and geographical importance.

Through this blog, I’m here to share all these specialties that could make you feel one among us.

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